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Choose starting and destination point, enter cargo information

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Negotiate rates

Negotiate rates

Want to know the transportation cost?

Want to know the transportation cost?


      Carrier takes the cargo and moves out to the destination point. You know everything about each transportation stage

      Your load will be taken care of.

      Shipper can see carrier’s current location and delivery status

      Carrier reports about the delivery to the destination point

      Your load was delivered on time
      For shippers
      Control cargo delivery 24/7. Negotiate the rates with carriers and save money, avoiding third parties
      No brokersReal-time shipment tracking
      Free posting of loadsQualified carriers
      Best routes and rates24/7 support
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      Download the application on your smartphone from PlayMarket or AppStore
      For carriers
      Relevant notifications about new loads and less than truck load. Only orders that match your truck in mobile application.
      Free access to ordersManage your fleet and orders in transportation company
      Load matchingSave money on depreciation expenses
      Building routes and calculating optimal ratesGPS Assistant
      All features
      Download the application on your smartphone from PlayMarket or AppStore

      Are you a logistics operator with great experience in the sphere of road transportations?

      Become Transportica managing partner in your region

      How we can help:

      At Transportica we go further, far beyond matching shippers to truckers.
      We offer a comprehensive integrated solution that combines your industry expertise with our technology.

      Transportica can be customized to meet your specific needs in a given country or territory to become your full-service logistics solution. No need to develop your own or use third-party platforms. Transportica can become your tool to address the emerging challenges, seize new opportunities and secure sustainable business growth.

      It is very simple:

      YOU are the sole exclusive managing partner and provider of Transportica in your territory.
      WE render tailor-made technical support to your operation

      Additionally, we can help your business grow by building synergies with Transportica partners in other parts of the globe.



      for registered carriers

      More than 10 000 places on the map that can be useful while on the road

      In Transportica maps you can quickly build a route to the nearest  gas stations, TIR stops, service centers, auto parts stores and many other places that may be necessary on the road.  

      If you need to refuel, park your truck, find a service center or just have a quick mill - Transportica Maps will help to find a place for you.

      156 147

      gas stations

      50 279

      TIR parkings


      service centers


      auto parts stores

      788 939