A cloud solution that helps to manage a transportation company

Get loads from our shippers, manage your fleet and staff. Control your company in real time.

How it works

from our shippers


Account for you and your logistics managers


Mobile application for your drivers

We make fleet management easier and find orders while you're on the way

We minimize deadhead for a vehicle and for a driver as well

  • Add your fleet, drivers and managers to the company's account. Appoint drivers and monitor truck's current location in real time on the map
  • Your new source of cargo - incoming orders from third-party shippers
  • Best routes and assistance
  • Your shipper tracks his load online in real time and receives delivery notifications
  • A comprehensive solution that combines your systems with the Transportica load board
  • Individual integration with your accounting system

Monitor location and current state of your fleet at one sight

Manage unlimited number of orders, trucks and drivers with Transportica.

You can easily see all loaded and empty trucks.

All orders in the palm of your hand

All orders are gathered in one place, each one having its own status.

User friendly filters help you notice details that need more attention.

Appoint drivers

Each drivers sees his route and follows it to deliver the order.

You can change driver’s transport online.

Your data is securely stored

All your information is stored in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud service, your information channels are protected by the best innovative encryption technologies.

Transportica provides the highest privacy level and access control.

Competent support

We reply to all requests, wishes and complaints in 15-20 minutes during office hours.

Reports are always at hand

Free access to the shipment information for any period. It lets you estimate your work efficiency and makes it easier to keep company’s accounting.

And get state of the art tool for business management

Информация о ближайших СТО, кафе, стоянках и автозаправках в мобильном приложении для водителя - transportica.com

GPS Assistant for your drivers

We'll build the route to the nearest
parking, gas station, service center or cafe. Your driver has information about working hours, services etc.

Information about all the places on the map is in the palm of your hand - transportica.com