Privacy Policy

1. This Privacy Policy contains an agreement between you and us regarding the processing and protection of your personal data. It is an integral part of the Terms of Use. This Statement is created in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR andrefers to the responsibility of the Service, duty of which is to ensure its compliance with laws. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for implementing our protection policy, which is inextricably linked to our Privacy Statement. DPO ensures compliance with the Regulations on a daily basis and considers all issues related to the protection of personal data. The service is responsible for managing the data, as well as determining the goals and methods for processing personal data provided and collected online.

Volume, categories and data sources

2. The following data about you can be provided to us:

  • information you provide during registration of your account and the following updates (name, surname, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, IDs in different reporting systems, other data related to your business (e.g., license numbers), making it possible to identify you as an individual);
  • information you provide in the course of your use of the Website and / or Services (also by placing orders on freight, making entries in the form of surveys, feedback forms, leaving reviews, through correspondence, telephone conversations with the customer support etc.);
  • data arising from your use of the Website and / or Services(date and time of account registration, the date and time you visit the Website, data on the use of the Website: browsing, the links transitions, searches, etc.; data on the technology you use to access the site, on your internet provider, the IP-address, characteristics and settings used to access the website, your electronic devices and software).
  • data from communication with the technical support service, which are used to resolve your complaints about the Service and fix bugs in work.

Cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are small text files located on the device for data storage, read by the web server in the domain in which they were created. This data often consists of alphanumeric strings that provide unique identification of your computer, but may contain other information. We use cookies and similar technologies to store and maintain your preferences and parameters for logging in, fighting fraud, analyzing the performance of our products, and performing other legitimate tasks.

Processing Targets Order of Use of Your Personal Data

3. We may use your data for the following purposes:

  • to ensure the proper Services provision;
  • to evaluate the members interest in our Services and to inform about new Services and updates to the Website;
  • to resolve disputes and difficult situations;
  • to create an information infrastructure to ensure the safety of your activities;
for other purposes, about which we will inform you further, requesting specific information for your consent.

4. During the entire period of activity of your account, we may use your contact information to send messages about the technical and administrative news. You agree that you cannot opt out of receiving notifications.

5. Your consent for the storage and processing of your personal data is given for the indefinite period (for unregistered users - during the period of the access to the Website and / or use of the Services).


6. We have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your confidential information from unauthorized acts of third parties. From our party an access to your personal data only have a limited number of employees and proxies who need this information to carry out data processing on our behalf and for the purposes expressly provided in this Privacy Policy. All of them commit themselves to the obligations of confidentiality and in the case of violation of these obligations will be subjected to, if applicable, to disciplinary, civil, administrative and / or criminal responsibility.

7. Access to your confidential information may also be made through the normal login system with your username and password. In case of your neglecting of the independent security of your account, third parties may gain unauthorized access to your information, for which we are in no way responsible.

Access, modify or delete personal data

Customers at any time have the right to request access to information, as well as change or delete any data processed by us. To view and / or change your personal data, get a certificate of how long the Service intends to store your personal data, or request from us information about whether we store and process in the interests of a third party any of your personal data, and also on other issues related to access to personal data, please contact DPO Sergey Shumeyko (Serg Show)via email: sergshow1@gmail.COM

You can send a request to delete the contents of your account.

Partial deletion of information is not provided: by requesting the removal of the contents of your account, you completely refuse the use of the service and the contents of your account are deleted entirely without the possibility of recovery.

Distribution of Information by You

8. You understand and agree that the information you provide when registering an account on the Website and within the Service (in particular, but not exclusively, when placing freight offers and / or available vehicle), some personal data (in particular, but not exclusively, the names, addresses, phone numbers, IDs in the message systems etc.) is legitimately spread to the public.

9. You confirm the understanding that the main purpose of our Website and Services is to provide the distribution and exchange of business information, part of which falls within the definition of personal data; and that means that the registration of your account on the Website and your use of the Services involves the distribution of information by you on behalf of your interests, for which we provide a technical platform.

10. Based on the foregoing, you hereby confirm and guarantee your full consent with described above public distribution of the data, and confirm the understanding of an objective absence of a necessity, as well as the practical impossibility for additional special notices from us about the transfer of personal data to third parties described above.

Distribution of Information by Us

11.We may provide third parties access to your personal information only in the following cases:

  • to your expressed consent. For all cases not provided in the Terms of Use we will request your consent.
  • for external processing under our control.My we can provide access to your data to our contractors and trustees exclusively for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. This contractors and trustees are subjected to obligations of confidentiality and all necessary safety requirements under our responsibility.
  • for the observance of law and public order.My we can provide access to information about you if we have sufficient grounds to assume in good faith that such use of the information is reasonably necessary to: (1) comply with legal requirements (including higher legal force departmental instructions on the relevant territories), court or other government agencies orders that may be executed by force; and / or (2) for the detection, prevention and / or taking any other actions against fraud and other illegal actions posing a threat to the interests of users, Transportica and / or public order.
  • Transfer of information

    We pass on the information you provide, as follows:

    * We use the services of third parties who can cooperate with us in improving the work of the Site or the Service, and such third parties can access the information you provide. Third-party service providers are required to protect this information and should not use this information for any purpose other than how to perform the services that they perform for us in the manner described in their privacy policy. As you can see, we are really transparent about the data. Therefore, please look at the list of third parties with whom we can share your data: Twilio, TurboSMS, GMail, SendPulse, smsc, Stripe, Epay And all the participants in the transport are other registered users of the Transport that need it to carry out activities on our platform.

    Changes to the Privacy Policy

    12. This Privacy Policy may be subjected to revision and updating. We will not fundamentally restrict your rights without your explicit consent. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be published on this page and the user undertakes to check for updates.